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Welcome back to our blog today we will discuss on How to protect our Skin in Hot weather condition…Hot and Cold are natural process on this earth and In summer we can’t avoid the intense sunlight and in Winter we can’t avoid cold condition we all need to be ready to face this condition.

Now switching over to our point in summer if we are at home, office we can use Air Conditioners and Fans or in winter we can wear winter wear that gives us relief from weather condition but when we go outside of our home or office than we need to face this extreme weather condition and particularly in summer when our body come in to the contact with dry and hot Air it affects first on our Skinand when we come under too hot sunlight than our skin expands and blood flow also increases which activates sweat glands which releases oily substances and perspiration and because of that our skin becomes Oily and Wet but this is very normal defense mechanism of our Skin to protect our body from excessive hot condition and it helps to maintain the temperature of our body but if our hands, Face, legs , Head are not covered with clothes than this oily condition of our Skin come in to contact with Dust,smoke which is in the Air and it stick with the oily skin and produces rashes, pimples, Acne and itchy condition of the Skin.

Normally people believes this condition as increase the hot potency of the body or  hot flush condition due to intensity of hot weather condition, now according to Ayurveda the main cause behind this is your Pitta and particularly Bhrajak Pitta is responsible to regulate the temperature and elasticity of the skin even it is responsible to nourish your skin and also color of the skinbut due to very hot weather condition it disturb the function of Bhrajak Pitta still it increases the fluid substances and sweating to balance the skin temperature to protect your Skin.

But if you drink Water in less quantity in summer than your skin become dry due to dehydration of the skin and than your skin exposes to environmental pollution like dust, smoke than it produces redness, inflammation of the Skin. other reason for such condition is your bad food habbits like over drinking of Tea and Coffee, consumption of very hot and spicy food, fermented food, oily food which affects on Bhrajak Pitta function and affects on your Skin.

What to do to protect your Skin from such condition

Ø  If possible try to avoid to go to hot weather condition

Ø Wear Cap, Hat, Scarf to protect your head and face and wear full sleeve clothes to protect your hands and feet from such hot condition and use umbrella to avoid direct exposure to intensive sunlight

Ø  To rehydrate your Skin and to balance the body temperature drink plenty of Clay pot water at least 2 to 3 liters waters per day

Ø Eat Boiled Vegetables soup, eat Cucumbre, Tomatoes, Lentil soup, Food with maximum gravy and dring butter milk after lunch that makes your digestion better.

Ø Take Watermelon, all types of melon, Pineapple , and fruits

Ø Some home remedies like Coriander Powder, Fennel seed powder in equal quantity mix it and than take 2 spoon powder mix it in glass of water and drink daily.

Ø Take 2 spoon Gulkand mix it in a glass of milk for 2 to 3 hours and drink it which gives coolness in your body

Ø Use Clay pot water to drink in all weather condition

Ø Take Bottle Gourd , Bitter Gourd, Spinach, leafy vegetables to maintain proper digestion

Ø Than wash your face many types to remove oiliness from the face

Ø All the time eat light food that digest easily

Ø Take Bleaching Clay ( Multani Maati), mix it in Rose water and apply on your face that helps you to prevent spreading of rashes, Pimples, Acne etc.

Ø Avoid all types of Spicy food, Junk Food, leftover food, Nonveg Food, Fermented food and avoid all types of stress.

Ø To glow your Skin there is One easy tip is Juice of Cucumber, Tomato and mix it with Bleaching Clay (Multani Maati) and apply on your face which definitely helps to bring back glow of your fac.

So, friends above are the very simple ways to protect your Skin from any hot weather follow above tips and share with your friends and all family members.

Stay Cool, Stay Healthy,

Dr.Gaurang Joshi

Dr.Bhavna Joshi,

International Ayurveda Physicians.

Atharva Multi-Specialty Ayurveda Hospital and Research Center,

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