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Swine Flu-Vata Shleshmik Jwara-An Ayurveda Perspective and Prevention...


Dear Friends,

We are on the junction of Winter and starting of summer in India and everyday through all types of media we are hearing about Swine Flu is spreading all over India and becoming epidemic and lots of misunderstanding is also spreading regarding the mortality rates of this disease condition...let's try to find out some facts and how Ayurveda can be the simple and useful to combat this disease...

What is Swine Flu?Swine Flu is a respiratory disease caused by virus(H1N1) that infect the respiratory tract of pigs,resulting in nasal secretion,productive cough,loss of 1st it was found in pigs and then transmitted to humans...Swine influenza virus was 1st isolated from pigs in 1930 in the US and has been recognized by pork producers and veterinarians to cause infections in pigs world wide...

In a number of instance  people  have developed the Swine Flu infection when they are closely associated with pigs(farmers,pork processors) and likewise...Swine Flu is transmitted from person to person by inhalation or ingestion of droplets containing virus from people sneezing or coughing...

The Symptoms of Swine Flu...



Swine Flu-2-

Fever(100 F or Greater)



Nasal Secretions




Some people may also get sore throat,


Body aches,



Some people develop severe respiratory symptoms and need respiratory support(Ventilator to breathe).



Ayurveda Perspective-

According to Ayurveda Swine Flu can compare with Vata Shlashmik Jwara as it's mostly occurs in the end of January and pick on February and decrease in March...this period is known as Ritu Sandhi...means we can experience Cold and Hot condition during the day...during this Ritu Sandhi the Bal(Immunity) of our body also coming down due to weather condition and it can aggravate the Vata and also kapha and causing Vata-Shleshmik Jwara...

Ideally this Flu is on peak during the temperature of 15 degree to 35 when it goes beyond 35 degree than automatically coming down...Now during this season in India maximum Marriage functions going on and people eating Inappropriate Food,Cold Drinks,large public gathering and o many things that worsen the disease condition and many people get infected through such huge public gathering...As per Ayurveda this kind of Diet,Life style is the responsible for AMA which is ultimately the cause of Vata-Shleshmik Jwara...

Treatment of Swine Flu-

According to Western Medicine they precribe-Antibiotics


NSAIDS(Combinations of Dicleofenac and paracetamol)

Antihistamine etc...

But as per Ayurveda Simple preventive measures significantly combat the occurrence of the disease...

Do not go out side in Huge Public gathering

Always use handkerchief(put Camphor or Eucalyptus oil drop in it) when you go out side or use mask to prevent droplet infection..

Take healthy fresh cooked Food which increase your Immunity

Take your lunch and dinner at proper schedule...

Also when the disease on peak TakeCamphor,Elaichi(Cardomon) to be mixed and powdered and keep in a handkerchief and smell Once in 2 to 3 hrs...this will actually kills Swine Flu Virus...

Some Home remedies also useful to prevent the Swine Flu-










and so many simple herbs available in our kitchen mix it in equal proportion and make the powder of these herbs and take it as herbal Tea shall be the best medicine to combat the Swine Flu...Also you can apply Eucalyptus oil on your nasal cavity which can prevent the Virus to enter in your respiratory tract through Nasal cavity...Take Water in a vessel and mix Turmeric and salt in it and boiled it and gurgle it the simple and best way to prevent Swine Flu infection-Take Milk in a vessel Mix turmeric in it and boiled it and drink it is also the best home remedies to combat Swine Flu not only Flu but any Respiratory Disorders...

Also take care of your food habits...

Do not eat out side food-

Avoid leftover food-

Avoid Cold Drinks and beverages

Do Yoga and Pranayam daily

Do not goo out side in Windy weather

Do the dhoop of Gugulu in your house which kills the virus and protect your family from Swine Flu

Do respect the older persons(Parents,Guru) in your family

Avoid Physical and Mental Stress

Take Proper Sleepby above all you can prevent yourself from the Swine Flu...


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