Asessment of Koshtha

Krūra Koshtha (Hard Bowel)

  • Doesn't pass stool regularly
  • Hard stool
  • Requires straining
  • Requires long time for defecation
  • Unsatisfactory bowel clearance
  • Seldom encounters diarrhea, more frequently constipation
  • Requires drastic purgatives
  • No change in bowels by test dose of Sneha (oil)

Mridu Koshtha (Soft Bowel)

  • Passes stools daily once or twice regularly
  • Semi-formed or formed stools
  • Easy defecation
  • Less time required for defecation
  • Satisfaction after defecation
  • Often loose stools due to hot drinks, tea, milk, etc.
  • Minor laxatives often cause diarrhea
  • Test dose of Ghee (clarified butter) slightly loosens stools and increases frequency

Madhyama Koshtha (Medium Bowel)

  • Passes stools daily once
  • Formed stools
  • Requires minimum stress
  • Little longer time than Mridu Koshtha
  • Satisfaction after defecation
  • Doesn't often encounter diarrhea or constipation
  • Requires medium dose of purgatives/laxatives
  • Test dose of Ghee causes semi-formed/formed stools once or twice