• Expert Doctor

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  • Ayurved No.1 Clinic

    Atharva Ayurveda is a well-respected Ayurvedic clinic located in Rajkot. The clinic has a team of highly experienced Ayurvedic doctors with over 30 years of practice. Atharva Ayurveda is known for its excellent Ayurvedic treatments, which blend modern scientific expertise with traditional Ayurvedic methods to provide effective wellness solutions. The clinic has gained recognition in India and internationally for its personalized and thorough approach to wellness, earning widespread acknowledgment and admiration.
  • Opening Hours

    • Monday
      10.30AM - 07.30PM
    • Tuesday
      10.30AM - 07.30PM
    • Wednesday
      10.30AM - 07.30PM
    • Thursday
      10.30AM - 07.30PM
    • Friday
      10.30AM - 07.30PM
    • Saturday
      10.30AM - 07.30PM
    • Sunday

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