Listed under level – 1 Rastriya Ayurveda Vidyapeeth, Ministry of Ayush- GOVT. OF India.

For AyurVidya level- 1course: Duration 7 Months

For AyurVidya level- 2 course: Duration 7 Months

For AyurVidya level- 3 course: Duration 7 Months

Online lecture schedule: Live Webinar starts from Sep. 15-2024

  • Held on Saturday and on Sunday every week, with a duration of one and half hour per session. The session will start with a 1-hour lecture, followed by a 30-minute practical session and Q&A.
  • Total weekly duration:3 hours
  • Monthly duration:12 hours
  • Seven-month duration:84 hours
  • The webinars will be dynamically interpreted into the respective local languages such as Slovak, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Video content

  • Monthly duration:8 hours
  • Seven-month duration:56 hours
  • Total live webinar duration:84 hours
  • Total offline video duration:56 hours
  • Overall course duration:140 hours
  • Examination:2 hours
  • Total:142 hours

Mode of exam online

  • Duration:2 hours
  • Format: Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) based
  • Total Marks:100

Upon successful completion of the exam, a certificate will be provided.