Listed under level – 1 Rastriya Ayurveda Vidyapeeth, Ministry of Ayush- GOVT. OF India.

Oncology is the study of cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. Ayurvedic oncology shows potential as a complementary therapy for cancer. Alternative therapies are needed due to the limitations of conventional therapy and the widespread of cancer. Cancer survivors require effective therapies for prevention and rehabilitation.

Atharva’s this protocol has helped thousands of cancer patients worldwide. They offer training to Ayurveda practitioners in Oncology to serve society’s needs.

The course aims to train Ayurveda doctors in cancer therapy, research and integrative oncology. The objectives include developing knowledge, skills, and attitude in Ayurveda principles, Panchakarma, yoga, nutrition, counseling, diagnosis, treatment, and research methodology.

We can explore a course design that covers various aspects of Ayurveda oncology. The course can be designed to include preventive measures for cancer, as well as curative treatments. Additionally, we can include Rasayan therapy for cancer immunotherapy, cancer nutrition, counseling for cancer patients, yoga and meditation, and pain management and palliative care. This comprehensive course can be beneficial for those interested in learning more about Ayurveda and its role in cancer treatment and prevention.

The course also emphasizes the ability to adapt to changing healthcare systems, self-study, and teaching. Skills include patient examination, diagnostic procedures, prescribing tests, monitoring, documentation, and treatment protocols.

For Ayurveda Oncology course: Duration 7 Months

Online lecture schedule: Live Webinar starts from Sep. 1-2024

  • Held on Saturday and on Sunday every week, with a duration of one and half hour per session. The session will start with a 1-hour lecture, followed by a 30-minute practical session and Q&A.
  • Total weekly duration:3 hours
  • Monthly duration:12 hours
  • Seven-month duration:84 hours
  • The webinars will be dynamically interpreted into the respective local languages such as Slovak, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Video content

  • Monthly duration:8 hours
  • Seven-month duration:56 hours
  • Total live webinar duration:84 hours
  • Total offline video duration:56 hours
  • Overall course duration:140 hours
  • Examination:2 hours
  • Total:142 hours

Mode of exam online

  • Duration:2 hours
  • Format:Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) based
  • Total Marks:100

Upon successful completion of the exam, a certificate will be provided.