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Prof. Dr. Bhavana G. Joshi

M.D. (Ayu.Oncology- Shalya Tantra) Gold Medalist
Professor & HOD Shalakya Tantra,
Indian Institute of Ayurveda Research and Hospital, Rajkot, Gujarat
(Affiliated to Gujarat Ayurveda University)

Mobile No. : 91-9825314997
Email : drbhavnajoshi@yahoo.com


B.A.M.S. : 

Bachelor of Ayurvedic medicine & surgery from Jamnagar Ayurveda University-April 1994 at Arya Kanya College-Baroda.

Internship :

Dec-1994 at Jamnagar Ayurveda University.

M.E.T.C. : 

i.e. (Medical Emergency Treatment Course) 1994 from Rajkot Civil Hospital.

M.D. : 

(Ayurveda in Oncology) from Jamnagar Ayurvedic University- Dec.1998 from Shalya Dept. (Ancient Surgery)

Yoga Education : 

Upto “Madhyama” at Baroda.


Consultant Ayurveda Onco Physician (Dept. of Shalya- Shalakya Tantra) at IIARH,Affiliated to Gujarat Ayurveda University, Rajkot, Gujarat, India. (2021-till date)

Technical :

Develop innovative ways using state of the art technology to reanalyze exciting data sets containing information on AgniKrama (Hyperthermia) i.e. Cauterization in Head and Neck cancer and “Matra Basti”in Pelvic Tumors of male and female.

The efficacy of mind-body techniques through Yoga and Medications on advanced cancer.

Post-operative rehabilitation in Breast cancer through Yogasanas.

Professional :

Provide Prophylactic, Palliative and Supportive treatment in all types of cancer.

A collaborative research project of the thesis work was done at Rajkot cancer hospital and research center, which give me best experience regarding cancer in all aspects viz. Surgery, Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy, Brachy therapy and combined modality of the treatment, palliative and preventive oncology.


Professor- IIAR&H, affiliated with Guj. Ayu. Uni. Jamnagar.


  • Completed M.D. Research work at Nathalal Parekh Cancer Hospital & Research Center, Rajkot in 1997-1998, which was the collaborative center for the Jamnagar Ayurvedic University. Research work done for one and half year under guidance of Dr. V. K. Gupta-Medical Director and Chief Radiation Oncologist. The research project was on the “Role of Raudra Rasa in management of Arbuda with special reference to cancer of head and neck.”
  • Collaboration with Lion’s Cancer Hospital and Research Center, Surat under guidance of Dr. S.P. Shrivastava (Medical Director & Chief Radiation Oncologist) for comparative study to combat the side effect of radiotherapy and to increase the effect of radiotherapy in advance head & neck cancer and cervical cancer with radiation and plant product.
  • Conducted a collaborative research project at Lions Cancer detection center, Surat entitled “Ayurvedic Medicinal Oils” as a complimentary treatment for colorectal cancer caused by chemo & radio therapy under direct super vision of Dr. S. P. Shrivastav (M.D.) Chief Radiation Oncologist & Medical Director) from 2004 to 2006.
  • Collaborating research project to reduce the side effect of Radio Therapy & Chemotherapy in all types of cancer with Dr. Manisha David
    (M.D. Radiation Oncologist) at Gohil Cancer hospital, Navsari since 2005.
  • Also doing the research work on the effect of Panchakarma treatment on Molecule levels with Dr. Narayan Patel(Ph.D.) Director of I.H.P.,U.S.A. and Dr. Madhukant Pandya (M.D. Ayurveda) Ayurveda Center, U.S.A 2003.
  • Indigenous Herbs in Cancer at Lions cancer hospital Surat
  • Role of Aswgandha to control side effect of radiation
  • Role of Agnikarma in Buccal Mucosa cancer.

Paper Presentation and Publication

  • National Seminar on Kaumarbhrutya (pediatrics)-1997 at Jamnagar Ayurvedic University.
  • Gold medal in international seminar on Ayurveda and Cancer-1998 at pune
  • National Seminar on Ayurveda and Cancer-1998 at Delhi.
  • National Seminal on better utilization of Ayurveda in health delivery program with special reference to primary health care-1998 at Gujarat Ayurved University, Jamnagar.
  • National conference on Advances in oncology & meditation retreat-at Mount Abu-1999 by Global Hospital.
  • National Seminar on Ayurveda and Cancer-1999 at Jamnagar.
  • Gold medal in international seminal on cancer and Ayurveda at Jamnagar Ayurvedic University in Jan-2000.
  • International seminar on Ayurveda at Jamnagar Ayurvedic University in Jan-2001.
  • Book on Cancer means not Cancel in Gujarati by Pravin Prakashan.
  • ASCO-PAN Asia conference at New Delhi in Feb-2002
  • Poster presentation at GCRI-Ahmedabad in AROI National Conference Dec 2005.
  • International conference on cancer at NCI- national cancer institute, betehesda, USA. Dec. 2007
  • Invited By The University Of Indonesia, Faculty Of Pharmacy, As An International Speaker For the International Symposium on Cancer ‘Pharweek 2011’,Depok,Indonesia, represented ‘Ayurveda as A Cancer Treatment’,9th-10th September,2011.
  • Invited As a Guest Speaker at World Conference On Ayu-2012, Pune Organized By International Academy Of Ayurveda (Prof. Dr. Subhash Ranade ) Represented ‘Updated Approach In The management Of Psoriasis and Cancer In Ayurveda’,5,6,7th January-2012.
  • Invited Speaker International Conference on Cosmetology-Hyderabad, Scheduled November 23rd-24 2012
  • Invited Speaker and Scientific Advisor by Omics International, USA in International Conference on Dermatology 2013, Chicago, USA, Scheduled 15th to 17th April 2013.
  • Invited Speaker By International Board of Medicine and Surgery (IBMS), USA in International Conference on Medical Tourism at Tampa, Florida, USA on 28th to 30th April 2013.
  • Invited by Yonkers Wellness Center, New York to conduct workshops on Oncology, Dermatology, Obesity, Stress Management from 26th April to 2nd May 2014 at New York.
  • Attended National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA)’s 1oth Annual
  • Invited at Manassas, Virginia, USA to conduct workshop on Ayurveda on 13th May 2014.
  • Invited by Rotary Club of Manassas, Virginia, USA for the workshop on Ayurveda on 14th May 2014. USA 2015
  • Conducted Workshops on Ayurveda Dermatology, Stress Management, Obesity, Ayurveda Panchakarma at Pleasure II wellness Center, St.Woodbridge, Virginia from 20th April to 23rd April.
  • Invited By the University of Delaware, Wilmington to delivered the guest speech on Ayurveda Dermatology on 28th April.
  • Conducted Workshops on Ayurveda Dermatology, Stress Management, Obesity, Ayurveda Panchakarma at Yonkers Wellness Center, New York from 1st May to 10th May 2015
  • Conference at Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA 18th To 21st April 2013, USA2015
  • Invited as Guest Speaker and Chair Person of Scientific Session at Global Cancer Summit, Bangalore organized by Global Cancer Foundation and ICMR scheduled 18th to 20th November 2015.
  • More than 150 lectures at different clubs of entire Rajkot on preventive Oncology (2001- 2016)
  • Conducted workshops on Ayurveda Oncology and Ayurveda Cooking, Yoga and Meditation at Pleasure II wellness Center, St. Woodbridge, Virginia, USA,20th April to 23rd April 2015.
  • Invited to deliver the guest speech on Ayurveda Oncology by the University of Delaware, Wilmington, USA on 28th April 2015.
  • Invited as a Guest Speaker at Global Cancer Summit 2015 at Bengaluru
  • Invited as a Guest Speaker at International Conference on Radiation Biology organized by SRM University, Chennai-2016.
  • Invited by Ayurveda Healing Spa to conduct workshops and Seminars at Charlotte, North Carolina from 2nd May to 11th May 2017.
  • Invited By Integra Wellness, South Carolina to conduct workshop on Ayurveda Panchakarma 6th May 2017.
  • Invited by Natural Healing, Ojai, California to conduct workshops and patients’ consultation from 13th may to 21st May 2017. Conducted workshops on Ayurveda Dermatology and Ayurveda Oncology at Ojai, California.
  • Invited by Yonkers Wellness Center, Yonkers, New York to conduct workshop on Ayurveda Dermatology, Oncology and Patients consultations from 23rd May to 26th May 2017.
  • Invited as a Resource Person by the Ministry of Ayush at National Seminar on Ayurveda Cancer Research Center at Mumbai 2018.
  • Invited as a Chief Guest at the Gujarat Day Celebration and also international launching of his book “Ayurveda-The Science of Life” organized by Gujarat Public Affair Council of Canada (GPACC), Brampton, Canada 4th May 2019
  • Conducted workshops on Ayurveda Oncology and Ayurveda Cooking, Ayurveda Panchakarma, Yoga and Meditation at Yonkers Wellness Center, New York,1st May to 15th May 2019.
  • Guest lecture at Jamnagar Ayurveda University on Study of MRR in head and neck cancer 18th 19th March 2023
  • Role of Raudra Rasa in management of Head and Neck cancer in Journal of Bio Innovation-2023.
  • Speaker at Shalakon Workshop organized by Gujarat Ayurveda University and ITRA Jamnagr-2023.
  • Keynote speaker at LUCKNOW on palliative Oncology May 2023
  • Also invited by various Universities as adjunct faculty across the globe to deliver Ayurveda.
  • Invited as a Key Note Speaker, Guest Speaker, Panelist in more than 60 International, National Webinars countries and organizations from USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Nepal, UK and more…

Social Activities

  • Organized So Many Free Diagnostic Camp for many Poor Patients. Also, in Villages of Saurashtra and Gujarat.
  • Serving Honorary at Hedge war Seva Samiti Charitable Clinic, Rajkot Every Tuesday to the needy patients of the society in past.
  • Organizes 1 Free Diagnostic and Treatment Camp Every Fortnight to serve needy patients at IIARH.
  • Providing free online consultation Globally for the propagation of Ayurveda.
  • Giving Lectures for the health and cancer awareness in Schools, Colleges and Social Organizations, lions clubs etc.
  • Organized many webinars from April to November 2020

Special Achievement

  • One of the screening test members of the Panel of advisory committee all India panel for deputation Ayurveda expert abroad by Govt. Of India, Ministry of health, Delhi in 2001.
  • Associate of Dr. Narayan Patel, Ph.D., USA.
  • Felicitated by the Mayor of Jersey City, New Jersey, USA in 2014
  • Conducted many Radio Talks, TV Talks including special program on Sanskar Channel, E-TV.
  • As an advisory board member of Haleon attended a round table meeting of advisory board for Novel Ayurveda Drug discovery and development…@ JW Marriot Bombay. 23 April 2023.


  • Gold Medal and Best Paper presentation award at Shree Bharatiye Sanskrirti Darshan Trust , Pune ,Wagholi
  • Gold Medal and Best Paper presentation award in international cancer conference during P.G. 2nd year at IPGT&RA, Jamnagar, Gujarat Ayurveda University.
  • Ayush Vivek Award at Ayush Vivek National Conference on Ayurveda Ahmedabad organized by Ayurveda Vyaspith, Gujarat 13th December 2013.
  • Awarded with Proclamation by the Mayor of Jersey City for his contribution of Propagating Ayurveda in USA and Across the globe on May 11th 2014.
  • Excellence Service Award 2017 by Vishwa Ayurveda Parishad, Conferred with “Brahma Gaurav Award 2017’’ for her contribution of the propagation of Ayurveda globally by All Gujarat Brahma Samaj (Community)
  • Felicitated with Intelligent and Dynamic woman on International Woman’s Day by Bhudev Times, Rajkot, 8th March 2018.
  • Felicitated with Top Women Ayurveda Doctors of India by Nature Fit, 8th May 2022.

Present Research

  • CTRI/2021/09/036173
    Study of Modified Raudra Rasa(MRR) in management of cancer with special reference to any cancer with Liver Mets with Wardha Ayurveda University collaboration. (AYUSH- GOV.) 2021-2022.
  • Submitted Integrated Approach on Hyperthermia with Radiation at GCRI for upcoming research in Ayurveda 2023.
  • On Palliative Oncology at IIARH.