Diet and Lifestyle causing Skin Diseases like Psoriasis and Vitiligo According to Ayurveda…

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Meeting you all after a long time, and  hope for wellbeing of all…we already discussed about Psoriasis and Skin diseases Ayurveda Concept and treatment but still there is something for skin diseases that inspire me to write, so today we will discuss about some common triggering or causative factors which are responsible for the manifestation of Skin Diseases and if we know these factors we can avoid it and stay healthy which is the 1st motive of Ayurveda, SwsthasyaSwasthyaRakshnam means to prevent human being from all diseases…

According to Ayurveda Skin diseases may manifest when a person indulges in one or more of the below listed reasons:Thses are very common factors…

  • Intake of incompatible food combinations such as milk with fish.
  • Consumption of excessive amounts of drinks which are unctuous and heavy to digest.
  • Suppression of the urge to vomit or other natural urges
  • Physical exercise or wandering in excessive heat after eating a heavy meal
  • Haphazard intake of foods with hot and cold properties
  • Use of cold water immediately after exposure to scorching sun heat, exertion or exposure to frightening situations
  • Intake of excess food, uncooked food and eating before the complete digestion of previous meal.
  • Improper administration of Ayurvedic detox therapies,
  • Excessive intake of foods made by freshly harvested grains, curd, fish, salt and sour substances
  • Excessive intake of black gram, radish, pastry, sesame seeds and jaggery.
  • Performance of sexual act while suffering with indigestion
  • Sleeping during day time it’s called DiwaSwaap in Ayurveda
  • Insulting people and engaging in sinful acts(Karma or Action)

Above all One of the most common factor for Skin Diseases is Stress

Most of the Skin Diseases are Psychosomatic and Stress is the most triggering factor to aggravate the Skin disorders…

There are three types of stress, and all three impact the skin in different ways.

1. Mental Stress 

Starts a chain reaction that ends in the drying out of ShleshakaKapha, the subdosha of Kapha that governs moisture balance in the skin. The drying of ShleshakaKapha causes skin to become thin and age earlier. If the stress is not brought into balance.theshrotas (microchannels) that carry nutritive fluid to the skin also start to shrink, resulting in wrinkles and stress lines.

2.Emotional Stress

Also affects the skin — just notice how anger or embarrassment can make your face turn red.If emotional stress becomes chronic, then Bhrajaka Pitta will burn ShleshakaKapha.

3.Physical Stress

is caused by exercising too much, working too much or straining the body over a period of time. Like mental stress, this causes the drying out of skin moisture resulting in rough, aged skin.

These all factors ultimately affecting on TwakDhatu and becomes a gate way for Skin Diseases Like Psoriasis,Lichen Planus, Xerosis, Eczema and so many skin diseases.

So we must need to overcome all above 3 types of Stress…

Now the most important other provocative factors are…


Excess weight increases the risk of inverse psoriasis. In addition, plaques associated with all types of psoriasis often develop in skin creases and folds…


Smoking tobacco not only increases the risk of psoriasis but also may increase the severity of the disease. Smoking may also play a role in the initial development of the disease.

Now there is One more important factor for all Skin Diseases is Contradictory Food means Opposite Diet…Let’s Know what is Contradictory Food…

Any diet, which aggravates Doshas but does noteliminate them from the body, is called as contradictory food. Ifthe contradictory food is consumed repeatedly, it puts load ondigestive fire producing Ama. This naturally can lead to any diseasein the body.

Now hope you all must want to know the contradictory Food here it is…

  • Milk is incompatible with – Banana, fish, meat, curd & sour fruits. Starches are incompatible with – Eggs, milk, banana, and dates.
  • Nightshades (potato, tomato, eggplants) are incompatible with – yogurt, milk, melons, and cucumber.
  • Yogurt is incompatible with – sour fruits, hot drinks, fish meat, mangoes, and cheese.
  • Lemon is incompatible with – Yogurt, milk, cucumber, and Tomatoes.

So by knowing and than avoiding above Diet, Life style and Stress  we definitely prevent from Skin diseases not only that the patients of Skin Diseases can also get maximum benefits to cure their dermatological issues and also by following it thoroughly they can stay disease free for as long as they wish…

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